Zanzibar, the Dream Beach

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The Zanzibar Island



Known as Unguja in the native dialect of Kiswahili, Zanzibar Island is the biggest island in the archipelago of hundreds of coral reef islands, where Pemba and Unguja are the biggest ones. Zanzibar is a part of the United Republic of Tanzania, but claims and enjoys significant autonomy.

Situated in the Indian Ocean approximately 40km's off the East African coastal town of Bagamoyo, Zanzibar enjoys a beautifully tropical climate, and is in fact the largest coral island on the east African coastline.

Zanzibar is widely regarded as one of the most intriguing and beautiful tropical islands in the world, and one of the top five dive spots. The Beach Villas are located on the most beautiful stretch of beach, near the fishing village called Pwani Mchangani, which means “the beach with the fine sand”.



Come to Zanzibar, the Jewel of the Ocean


Zanzibar Stone Town

Stone Town has multiple beautiful rooftop restaurants, some very interesting museums and many buzzing food and spice markets.


It's proximity to the Safari tours...

The proximity to the Tanzanian mainland and the finest game parks in the world makes Zanzibar the ideal place to start or relax after a safari.

Our partner operators offer a range of safari options to suit all kinds of travellers, children included, and at very competitive rates.

With such a diverse past Zanzibar is also known for its wealth of incredible cultural riches, making Zanzibar so much more than just one of the world’s most beautiful coral islands.

Come and experience a place where time stands still. A place of adventure that can turn into a lifetime of unforgettable memories.