Endless Fun

There is so much to do and see in Zanzibar, and Garden Beach Villa has an extensive folder with excursions for all ages and types!

We have through many years come to know people of all walks of life in Zanzibar, and we know who to see, and where to go. We have also found out who are the best providers of services, ranging from taxi drivers to restaurants.
Below are a few of the activities that you can enjoy in Zanzibar, if you want to venture outside of the comforts of the house on the beach.



With our proximity to Mnemba island, the scubadiving opportunities are superb and just a short boat ride away.



Kite Surfing

With the steady monsoon, blowing along the beach, Zanzibar is a perfect location for kiting, whether with a board or not. A few meters down the beach you find Zanzibar Kite Surfing School, that will give you a full course (for a fee of course).



Sailing and Fishing

Join one of the local fishermen in his Ngalawa (dug out boat with an outrigger and sail) when the wind and tide are right. Enjoy a unique sailing experience on the warm Ocean!



Safari Excursions

We are happy to connect you with our Safari partners, should you wish to combine your Zanzibar adventure with a safari. We recommend to start your trip with the safari, then spend the reminder of your days exploring Zanzibar, or just relaxing on the beach.



Zanzibar Stone Town

Stone Town also has some very interesting museums. There are many things to see and do in Zanzibar.

Stone Town.jpg


Spice Tour

You can`t leave the island without visiting one of the island’s famous Spice Farms.